New Developments at OWEL

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The first anniversary of the project passed in January 2012 with many achievements: Preliminary design is complete with specifications drawn up for all the major subsystems. Work is continuing to develop detailed numerical models that will define the loads and performance at full scale, and these are progressing well with both the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model and the mathematical model almost completed by Mojo Maritime and ITP respectively.



OWEL has also recently been through a final round of optimisation, using a physical model, prior to the detailed design of the device.

By making some small adjustments to the shape of the duct and its supporting structure, significant improvements in performance have been achieved.


Performance Improvement Through Geometry Optimisation

These improvements in efficiency will scale up, so the performance of the demonstrator will also be improved. The final tank tests in March at the University of Southampton will define exactly how much improvement has been gained and this will be used to predict full scale output.

Watch this space for more news.

Ned Minns, CTO

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